Here HR writes its Code

Hey, it’s that time of the year again! It is time to meet your colleagues, hear how others handle the same, every day, challenges and learn something new about others and yourself as well.

You have most likely heard about unique value proposition by Toptal?

Hear how Nordeus drives world class innovation in HR space.

Use Skype everyday?We guess so, that’s why you will most probably use Pipedrive as well.

Background in NGO Sector, lady, 3 kids, possible to survive in IT industry? Yes! Execom knows the secret.

Wanna hear latest insights from the IT market? Professionals from ManpowerGroup understand your needs.

Stop for a second, or 60 minutes that is, become introspective and hear some briliant wisdom from famous volleyball player and olympic champion, Vladimir Vanja Grbić.

There are 3 gentleman who know what the future brings. In fact they shape the future. Lets hear how HR function looks from their perspective. Welcome to CEO panel.

Missing candidates? Get a better understanding on possible candidate sourcing channels through governmental and NGO lead initiatives. You will appreciate the New Talents panel.

We are happy to meet you at HR Code2 conference!