Oh, hi there… Are you HR professional in a prominent IT company? Working hard to keep your HR duties in line with growing business needs and ever so changing market trends? You are constantly on the look for the best IT professionals out there? Have to keep in mind cultural fit and highlight your companies uniqueness in the block? Strugle continues once you on-board the newbie? Integration in a team, training and development, keep the KPI’s relevant and up to date?

Hm…Your job is well… Exciting! 🙂

When was the last time you thought you could use a helping hand or a piece of advice from industry peer? Invest some training budget on becoming more productive, knowlegable and resourcefull? When was the last time you met colleagues from the region and talk about their experience?

Well it was about time to have a place where you will meet your colleagues, the warriors in the same arena. Here you will seek to learn more on relevant HR topics but also to grow your network. Hear how experienced colleagues tackled various HR challenges specific for IT industry. Cultural fit? – No worries whole region is expected to join, so rest asure that your presence is benefitial for all participants.

Lets mark together the first regional conference related to all HR professionals eager to become best business partners to their companies within IT industry.

Because, you know that best HR practices within IT industry are humanly possible.


1 day


5 keynote speakers


100+ HR professionals


1000+ ideas