Leelia Rohumaa

Leelia Rohumaa

Keynote Speaker #3

Leelia Rohumaa
HR Manager

Leelia Rohumaa is the HR Manager at Pipedrive Estonia, an activity-based sales management tool that helps over 50,000 sales teams get organized. She has 15+ years of diverse experience as an HR professional. Leelia is passionate about developing people, and takes great pleasure in watching them take on new responsibilities and roles.

As an HR Manager, Leelia is responsible for hiring, onboarding and developing Pipedrive’s great talent. This involves running performance management, monitoring employee engagement, and overseeing learning and development programs globally. She is also tasked with leading a local team of 4 recruiters, one HR Operations Specialist, and an Estonian based Office team of 5 people. She is also responsible for initiating Pipedrive’s stronger onboarding program, which includes 2 days of bootcamp, the new manager 90 day onboarding program, as well as regular manager community meet-ups.

Prior to joining Pipedrive little over a year ago, Leelia spent 10.5 years working at Skype and Microsoft. She took on several HR roles throughout this time period with different responsibilities. These roles include acting as HR Manager for 60 people in the Technical Operations department; establishing the New Employee Bootcamp and Learning Week in collaboration with the Engineering L&D Team; execution of strategic global manager and employee excellence initiatives for Skype; managing New Employee Onboarding globally; and L&D Operations and Marketing.

At the start of her career, Leelia had the role of Office Manager/HR Specialist, where she was responsible for managing a small organization of 40 people. The combination of experiences in both small and larger contexts are what makes it clear to her that Human Resources is her passion.

Leelia has 2 kids of age 7 and 2,5, so her favorite free time activity is to have fun with them or reading a good book.