Saša Popović

Saša Popović

CEO Panel

Saša Popović
Vega IT Sourcing

Sasa Popovic is a married father of two children. He was born in Zrenjanin in 1980. Sasa completed his academic education at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, getting his Masters degree in electrotechnical engineering and computer sciences.

While still a student, Sasa began working as a programmer spending the first couple of years at a position where he created and developed software solutions for a company from Netherlands based in Novi Sad. With his University colleague Vladan Ostojic, using his own assets, in 2008 he founded the company Vega IT, one they still own and manage together.

Ever since becoming an entrepreneur, Sasa has encouraged leadership and entrepreneurship within the company. This contributed to his participation in establishing, together with a few colleagues, a number of new companies, four of which are IT companies based in Novi Sad.

Sasa’s caring for his colleagues and his emphasis on customer satisfaction, something he has devoted a significant portion of his working hours to, has resulted in Vega IT’s annual growth of over 30% since its inception – in terms of income, profit and number of employees.