Cindy Anastasi

Cindy Anastasi


As the Human Resources Director for CCBill branch offices in Europe (Malta, Netherlands & Serbia), Cindy has been involved in recruitment and employee engagement processes since 2006. Her career has led her thorough a number of exciting HR experiences, especially as CCBill grew across Europe (from Malta, the Netherlands, Novi Sad and Belgrade). The company’s international team and constant expansion have created opportunities to explore not only new HR trends and approaches, but also different cultures. Striving to build personal relationships with every employee, Cindy enjoys working with IT professionals from Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Italy, and many other countries. For her, this diversity and dynamics of the ICT sector represent constant sources of motivation for new professional achievements.

Prior to starting with CCBill upon its inception in Malta, Cindy has worked with numerous prestigious hotels in Malta and CCBill was her fourth “start up.” This has given her an opportunity to work on setting up teams and offices from a start-up phase, while today she mainly focuses on engaging employees and helping them build positive relations.


Focus within HR:

Building teams from scratch and creating positive experiences for each member – from the recruitment process until things move into ‘operations’ mode.

Consistent interaction with team members to not only ensure efficient communications within teams and across departments, but also understand their personal needs, interests, motivation, etc. Such a human approach to every employee brings notable benefits for both company and the people, while giving our profession a much deeper sense.

Employee engagement through active conversations, team building activities, and entirely spontaneous chats both online or on hallways J

Techniques to improve employee relations and actually make productive, inspired and motivated teams that function great together.



Passionate about nature, Cindy enjoys gardening along with her dog Duda, which is one of her favorite beings in the world! Even when not in the company of Duda, Cindy’s interested in all things gardening and dog-related.



“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”
“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!”


Personal message to attendees:

“As HR moves to a more central place in business, our profession expands beyond traditional processes. In a contemporary workplace that increasingly includes a remote and diverse workforce, HR representatives need to build relationships in an entirely different way. We need to be more human than ever in order to overcome potential gaps between people that technology can create. This, I believe, is a cornerstone for every successful company and a fulfilling HR career.”